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Environmental Protection & Water Treatment Project

Environmental Protection & Water Treatment Project

HNAC can provide the whole engineering contracting service including design, procurement and construction, we also provide financing based on customers’ requirements.

We have attended lots of sewage treatment EPC project, including municipal waster water treatment, landfill leachate treatment, wastewater recovery treatment, industrial water treatment etc project. We also can design and build municipal water supply project, tap-water supply project, urban water supply project, rural drinking water safety project etc.

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The application
Urban water supply
Rural drinking water
Integration of urban and rural water supply
Booster pump station, secondary water supply
Municipal sewage treatment
Township domestic sewage treatment
Wastewater treatment in the paper industry
In-depth treatment in the pharmaceutical industry
Wastewater treatment in the iron and steel industry
Petrochemical wastewater treatment
Comprehensive sewage in the industrial park, etc
Typical Project
  • pr01
    Municipal Water Supply Treatment-Nanjing Beihekou Water Plant

    Beihekou Water Plant is the first domestic water plant designed and constructed entirely by the Chinese and the largest in Nanjing and one of the largest water plants in China. With the water supply scale of 1.2 million t/d, it supplies more than half of the water in the urban area of Nanjing. It adopts the method of flocculation and sedimentation + filtration and disinfection as the main process, and the automatic control system for the whole plant monitoring.

  • pr02
    Municipal Sewage Treatment-Changsha Kaifu District Sewage Plant

    The project capacity was raised to 300,000 ton/day and the effluent quality reached Level 1 standard after upgrading. It adopts MSBR+BAF for the main process and DCS to realize 3D monitoring.

  • 石化-利华益炼油 副本
    Industrial Wastewater Treatment-Lihuayi Group Desalinated Water System

    The project, with a capacity of about 4000m³/h and MMF+UF+DRO+EDI as its main process, it is currently one of the largest project using Full Membrane Method in China and the first project adopting Yellow River water as the water source of Full Membrane Method to produce desalinated water as boiler feed water.

  • 湘醴盐化 副本
    Industrial Pure Water Treatment——Xiangli Salination and Salt-Making System Renovation Project in Hunan

    The project is installed with 1 set of 15MW steam turbine generator set and designed with a 2x40t/h desalinated water station which uses the Multimedia Filter + Ultrafiltration + Two-Stage Reverse Osmosis + EDI process to produce the make-up water for 2 sets of 75t/h medium temperature and medium pressure (3.82Mpa, 450°C) CFB boiler units. The quality of the processed water after treatment meets the requirements of GB/T 12145-2016.

  • 晨鸣纸业 副本
    Reuse of Reclaimed Water -  Chenming Group Reclaimed-Water Recycling EPC Project

    With a capacity of 110000m³/d, it is the largest water recycling project in the paper industry in China having a reclaimed water recovery rate of more than 70%, a water consumption of 19.04 million m³/y and a sewage discharge reduction by 19.04 million m³/y.

  • 蒙西工业园 副本
    Zero Discharge- Mengxi Industrial Park Sewage Treatment and Zero Discharge Project

    The total planned area of the Mengxi Industrial Park is 140k㎡. At the request of the local environmental protection bureau, the effluent from the sewage treatment plant in the park should be reused but not discharged, and the concentrated brine evaporated but not discharged. HNAC and Grant, its subsidiary, provided wastewater advanced treatment and zero-discharge solutions for the project.

  • 苏银工业园
    Reclaimed Water Reuse Project of Yinchuan Suyin Industrial Park

    The project, with the scale of 12,500 m³/d, uses the ultrafiltration + two-stage reverse osmosis + MVR evaporation and crystallization as the main process to regenerate the trailing part of the sewage treatment plant. The water quality after the treatment reaches the standard of the earth surface III.


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