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Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)
Speed Regulator (Governor)

Speed Regulator (Governor)

The governor adjusts the opening of the guide vane based on the deviation of the unit speed to achieve the purpose of changing the output and keeping the speed stable.

The task of the governor system is continuously adjust the output power of the hydro-turbine generator unit to maintain the unit's speed (frequency) within the specified range of the rated speed (frequency).

The governor is applicable for the single and double regulating systems of all types of the 1MW-100MW water turbines, including Francis type, axial flow type, cross-flow type, and impulse type, etc.

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Product Introduction

The main features of governor

1. Be powered by water (AC 220V and DC 220V at the same time), high reliability;

2. Adopt the advanced PWM digital controlling technology;

3. Be equipped with the digital valve and the standard valve of hydraulic industry with high reliability and strong oil resistance;

4. Be provided with PLC control technology, which brings a mean time to failure for the whole unit up to 50000 hours or above;

5. Use the color touch screen as HMI, being able to display sufficiently, clearly and accurately and easy to operate;

6. Be designed with different operation modes, including frequency regulation, open regulation, power regulation and control by water level, etc.

7. Be set with the electrical opening limits, being flexible and reliable to operate;

8. The components are interchangeable and easy to maintain.

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