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China-Africa "Hunan" business trip brings a sense of gain to African people HNAC Technology carries out project construction in more than ten African countries

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Huasheng Online reported on June 15 (Reporter Zhao Tongyi, Correspondent Zhou Wei) On June 15, the media interview event of "China-Africa Hunan Business Tour" came to HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. Import and export of products and equipment, export of technical services, foreign project contracting... At the scene, reporters unearthed many stories between HNAC Technology and African countries

"HNAC Technology's business in Africa mainly involves energy, power and other infrastructure fields." Zhang Jicheng, general manager of HNAC Technology International, said in an interview with reporters that it currently operates in ten countries including Niger, Uganda, Zambia, the Central African Republic, and Tanzania. More than half of African countries have completed or under-construction projects, mainly hydropower station construction, renovation and expansion projects, power transmission and transformation projects, and photovoltaic energy storage projects.

According to reports, the three most typical projects carried out by Huazi Technology in Africa are the Kashanjiku Hydropower Station Project in Zambia, the Boali 2 Hydropower Station Repair and Plant Expansion Project in the Central African Republic, and the operation, maintenance and training project of three hydropower stations in Sierra Leone. 。

The Kashanjiku Hydropower Station project in Zambia started construction on June 10, 2016 and was completed in 2018. The successful power supply of the project ended the history of no electricity for more than 12,000 local people. The EPC general contracting project of the Kashanjiku Hydropower Station not only covers the entire process of the overall design, procurement, transportation, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, trial operation, operation, and handover of the power station, the road to the plant, and the transmission lines, but also includes the support to the owner.

Personnel are provided with relevant skills training and capacity building, covering a wide range of areas.

The project has been highly valued by the Zambian government, and in 2016, the then Vice President of Zambia, Ms. Inonge Wina, along with the Zambian Minister of Energy, the Governor of Northwestern Province, Members of Parliament and other high-ranking officials attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the project's main works and cut the ribbon for the ceremony


(Ms. Inonge Wina, the then Vice President of Zambia, cutting the ribbon at the groundbreaking ceremony for the main project of the Kashanjiku Hydropower Station in 2016. (Photo by Correspondent)

The Boali 2 Hydropower Station restoration and plant expansion project in the Central African Republic is undertaken by China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group and participated by HNAC Technology. This project is a major achievement of Huazi Technology in response to the “One Belt, One Road” policy call and in seizing the development opportunities of globalization in the context of the new era. The operation, maintenance and training project for the three hydropower stations in Sierra Leone includes the Charlotte, Potloko and Makari hydropower stations in Sierra Leone, which were built with assistance from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and were completed in 2016 to generate electricity. The main monitoring and protection system, excitation system and speed regulator of the power station are produced and provided by HNAC Technology.


(Boali 2 hydroelectric power station, Central African Republic, photo by the correspondent) "HNAC Technology is committed to bringing a sense of gain to the people of Africa. As a key livelihood project in Central African Republic, the renovation and expansion of Boali 2 hydropower station plays an important role in improving the shortage of electricity in Bangui, the capital of Central Africa." Tang Kai, Vice President of HNAC Technology, said that the improvement of energy and power has a positive impact on the investment, business and employment environment in Central Africa, which guarantees social stability and promotes economic development.

In the upcoming third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo,HNAC has set up a booth in the Chinese

Enterprises and Commodities Pavilion, aiming at introducing and recommending HNAC's business card to more domestic and foreign friends, demonstrating the achievements that have been made in Africa's economic and trade cooperation and hoping to make contributions to the China-Africa economic and trade in the field of energy, electricity and other infrastructure cooperation.

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