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Pump Station Project

Pump Station Project

We have contracted lots of pump station engineering project, such as sewage pump station, rain pump station, river pump station, water supply pump station etc. We provide part or the whole service depends on customers’ requirements and contract.

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The application
New construction
Expansion of residential buildings
Sufficient urban pipe network pressure
Large-scale intermediate pressurization pumping station
Transportation of sewage from sewage treatment plants
Rainwater in low-lying urban areas
Water circulation in lakes
Sewage and wastewater collection in the area, etc
Typical Project
  • 1.天津海河口泵站 副本
    Tianjin Haihekou Pumping Station

    The project total investment is CNY five hundred and seventy two million thousand, it can realize joint dispatch with flood channels, estuary pumping stations and coastal sluices. It will play a major role in alleviating the pressure on Haihe River drainage, improving Tianjin's ability to deal with extreme weather, and ensuring the safety of flood control in the key area.

  • 2.兰州大砂沟电力提灌工程 副本
    Lanzhou Dashagou Electric Pumping Irrigation Project

    The project was built in 1966 and is located in the northwest of downtown Lanzhou. HNAC Technology provided the project with information technology services including water and rain forecasting, water quality analysis, pump station monitoring, gate monitoring, dam safety monitoring, pipeline monitoring, water supply dispatching, flood forecasting dispatching, etc.

  • 3.Guangdong Jingfeng Lianwei Flood Prevention Scheduling Information Project 副本
    Guangdong Jingfeng Lianwei Flood Prevention Scheduling Information Project

    Jingfeng Lianwei Flood Prevention Scheduling Command Center is situated in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. Xijiang River, it is one of 5 bunds in Pearl River Delta, and plays a key role in the rural and urban disaster prevention and reduction project in Guangdong Province.

  • 4.Uzbekistan AMUZANG Ⅰ&Ⅱ Pump Station 副本
    Uzbekistan AMUZANG Ⅰ&Ⅱ Pump Station

    The project includes Amuzang I Main Pump Station, AMUZANG II Temporary Pump Station and AMUZANGⅠ Pump Station.
    HNAC design and produce the SCADA system, protection system and low voltage switchgears with installation guidance and debugging.
    The project was put in operation in November, 2013.


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