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The New Energy Project

The New Energy Project

Relying on years of power technology and market advantages, and with the cooperation of the strategic partners, HNAC is committed to providing a complete system integration solution customized to its users. HNAC distributes the energy storage market in the form of industrial chain, providing one-stop service of consulting, design, research and development, production, construction and operation and maintenance.
Wind Power: Excellent System Integrator, Fine Engineering Management & Cost Control Capabilities, Key Direction of Development Investment
Solar Power: Full-process Development & Investment Construction Experience, Complete EPC Capability. Total Solution Provide
Application: wind power, solar power, hydro power, charging pile and power system etc. 

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The application
Wind power generation
Charging pile and power system
Power generation control
Small power generation equipment
Photovoltaic water pump
Traffic fields such as navigation lights
Communication/communication field
Petroleum, marine and meteorological fields
Power supply for household lamps
Photovoltaic power stations
Supporting vehicles
Solar hydrogen production
Space solar power stations,etc
Typical Project
  • 1.宁乡、湘潭、沅江、津市分散式风电项目 副本
    Decentralized Wind Power Projects in Ningxiang, Xiangtan, Yuanjiang and Jinshi city, Hunan Province

    The project has an investment amounting to more than CNY 500 million, with 7 decentralized wind farms distributed in Changsha, Ningxiang, Xiangtan, Yuanjiang, Changdejin and other places in Hunan.

  • 2. 泸溪县93个贫困村光伏扶贫项目 副本
    Luxi County Rural Electrification Project Photovoltaic

    The project, distributed in 93 poor villages in Luxi County, has a construction scale of more than 13MW, an annual power generation capacity of about 12 million kWh, and a power generation income of more than CNY 10 million.

  • 600.450
    Hunan Shaoyang Chengbu Rulin 100MW/200MWh Energy Storage Power Station

    The construction scale is 100MW/200MWh, and the total investment is about CNY 400 million. It is the largest grid-side energy storage power station in Hunan Province and the largest grid-side energy storage power station invested by social capital in China.

  • 4. 阳光100充电站 副本
    Sunshine 100 charging station

    The project is located on the north side of the west end of Houzishi Bridge in Yuelu District, Changsha City. It is equipped with 46 charging guns, 3 sets of 360kW charging piles on the ground, and 20 sets of 7kW AC charging piles in the underground garage to provide charging services for vehicles.

  • 5. 国网湖南郴州韭菜坪新能源配套储能站 副本
    State Grid Hunan Chenzhou Jiucaiping Energy Storage Station

    The project, built in Jiucaiping, Chenzhou, has a construction scale of 22.5MW/45MWh. It operates in an equipment leasing model, including leasing for battery system, variable-current booster cabin, and EMS system.


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