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The Water Conservancy for Operation and Maintenance Service

HNAC can provide the professional service for the intelligent operation and maintenance, which is applied to hydropower station, water conservancy, environmental water treatment,  power distribution network, power transformation and distribution,new energy and other fields.

Features for the HNAC service of intelligent operation and maintenance:

(1) Service for the whole industry chain: Provide service for the whole chain, including plan, drawing design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, service and etc;
(2) Powerful technology platform: remote monitoring cloud service platform: remote monitoring (including mobile phone APP), fault warning, system diagnosis, optimized operation scheduling and auxiliary management, etc;
(3) Intelligent production management platform: Production and operation auxiliary decision-making management, equipment asset life cycle and maintenance management and etc;
(4) Diversified auxiliary operation and maintenance platform: Simulation training, inspection assistance, three-dimensional visualization, intelligent security and other auxiliary operation and maintenance services;
(5) Professional operation and maintenance team: our company, with a strong team of expert and excellent training and cultivation mechanism, is fully staffed with professional and technical personnel who has rich OM management experiences in management, operation and maintenance;
(6) Excellent management system: Through the process-oriented, standardized and normalized O&M management system, our company has continuously improved management efficiency in terms of personnel, process, and technology;
(7) Scientific O&M method: The professional technicians, based on the advanced informatization and intelligent platforms, and a mature and standardized management system, achieves a scientific, safe and efficient operation and maintenance.

The operation and maintenance solutions for water conservancy:

1. The scope of service:

A.Maintain and test the electromechanical equipment (high and low voltage electrical equipment, lighting equipment, forced drainage pumps, trash traps, water intake gates, self-draining gates, electric hoists, pumps and other equipment, remote monitoring and management systems). Dredge the river, pump pond and water inlet, clean, maintain the living facilities and others for pump stations and gate stations, to ensure their normal operation;
B.Provide the maintenance and repair of water conservancy information systems and dam monitoring systems to ensure the integrity and accuracy of monitored information.

2. Typical Cases:

A.Changzhou Island Gate Stations Operation and Management Project in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City

The project is for the daily operation and management services of 12 gate station in Changzhou islands in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City. From January 2021, HNAC has undertaken its operation management services for operation and management for real-time dispatching and flood prevention.

长洲岛闸站-1 副本
长洲岛闸站-2 副本

B.Three (3) Drainage Stations Overhaul and Maintenance Projects in Huadu District, Guangzhou City

The project is used for urban flood prevention and drainage and environmental degradation mitigation. From June 2020, HNAC has taken over the electromechanical equipment and environmental maintenance services for the project.

广州花都排涝站 副本

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