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[Gutt Neiegkeet] HNAC Maoming Binhai New Area Tap Water Investment Company Maintenance Service Project offiziell gestart

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The water supply project of Maoming Binhai New Area was invested and constructed by Maoming Binhai New Area Urban Investment and Development Co., Ltd., and the EPC general contractor of Maoming Project Department of China Railway Seventh Bureau Xi'an Company. HNAC provided all electromechanical equipment, software platforms and equipment supporting services for the project. Which has broken the record of the shortest construction time for similar projects.

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[HNAC Reaches Great Achievement] Guangdong Maoming Binhai New Area Water Plant Project broke the Record of the Shortest Construction Time for Similar Projects in Guangdong Province

Whether it is traveling thousands of miles to the project site during the epidemic to ensure the progress of the project, or coordinating the customer's reasonable schedule to complete the water supply task during the construction process, the professionalism and rigor of the HNAC project technical team have won unanimous praise from customers. During the period, the customer inspected the company's intelligent operation and maintenance management service capabilities, highly recognized the company's technology and management level, and signed a project maintenance contract to further deepen cooperation.

According to the characteristics and scale of the project, the company established HNAC Technology’s Maoming Binhai New Area Tap Water Project Department, equipped with project managers, equipment maintenance engineers, and technical training engineers to provide maintenance services for project equipment, and to provide clean water in accordance with the effluent quality standards on a regular basis of water treatment services. At the same time, HNAC provided technical training to the relevant staff of the owner, and worked with customers to build the Binhai New Area Water Plant into a benchmark water supply enterprise in Maoming.

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On the morning of December 14, the opening ceremony of the technical training class aimed at improving the professional level of relevant staff as part of the current maintenance service was held at Maoming Binhai New Area Water Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Water Investment Company"). Yang Houde, general manager of the investment company, Wu Xiaofang, deputy general manager of the intelligent operation and maintenance division of HNAC, and Li Donglin, assistant general manager of the water conservancy division, attended the activity. The ceremony was presided over by Cai Tingting, Director of the Integrated Management Department of Water Investment Corporation.

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Yang Houde, general manager of the water investment company, pointed out that the water investment company should be based on the needs of the development of the water industry in the Binhai New Area, and strive to build a high-quality water supply operation and operation platform in the Binhai New Area. It is necessary to take the water plant maintenance service provided by HNAC as an opportunity to train water plant operation and management talents and backbone forces to achieve independent operation of the water supply system, safe production and maintenance management.

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As the leader of multi-energy IoT technology, HNAC is determined to be the "eyes and brains of owners", provide diversified and customized first-class intelligent operation and maintenance management services, and jointly write a new chapter in the water supply business in Binhai New Area.


Maoming Binhai New Area Water Supply Project (EPC) The newly-built water plant is located at the intersection of Maoming Port Avenue and 325 National Road in Binhai New Area. The total land acquisition area is about 109 acres. The total design scale of the water plant is 100 thousand m³/d. The construction scale of this project is 50 thousand m³/ d. The project uses the MTC-3W water treatment intelligent system to control the entire production process, involving multiple majors, including electrical, mechanical, and water treatment. The operation, operation, maintenance, fault handling, and maintenance of the equipment need to be equipped with professional qualifications and more Operation management personnel with high academic level, operation and maintenance skills. HNAC provides intelligent maintenance services for the water plant in Binhai New Area by means of technical training + equipment maintenance to ensure the efficient and safe operation of equipment and systems.

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