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[Retrograde, Saile] HNAC Nauru Smart Grid Project huet glat ugefaang

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In early April, members of the Smart Grid project team of HNAC Nauru arrived in the South Pacific island nation of the Republic of Nauru on a joint chartered flight for the South Pacific project organized by China Harbor and the Fourth Aviation Administration of China Communications. The company’s first overseas smart grid project officially started this year. The business reached a new high.

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The Nauru Smart Grid Project is assisted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and is a joint general contract of China Harbor-Huazi Technology-Rising Sun. It includes 6.9MW photovoltaic, 5MW/2.5MWh battery energy storage system, 5 diesel generators and one 11kV switch station. For the project, HNAC is responsible for the overall design and supply of the main electrical equipment, while the subsidiary Great New Energy is responsible for on-site management and overall installation and commissioning.

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