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Delegasi Média Kenyan Nganjang ka Téhnologi HNAC

Waktos: 2024-06-18 Hit: 22

The China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo Kenya special event was successfully held in early May 2024, and China-Africa economic and trade cooperation has shown vigorous vitality and ushered in more development opportunities. In order to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Kenya and Hunan advanced enterprises, mainstream media, etc., and create a good public opinion environment for the friendly cooperation between China and Kenya, Rose Kananu Halima, the president of Kenya Editors Guild, visited Hunan with a media delegation on June 13th for exchanges and visited HNAC on June 14th.


The guests visited the multi-functional exhibition hall, new energy microgrid demonstration station, zero carbon cabin, etc. They learned about the company's development history, main business and business development in Africa, and appreciated the company's hydropower, photovoltaic energy storage and other energy projects in Africa.



During the visit, the zero carbon cabin attracted the high attention of the media delegation. This product, which integrates photovoltaic power generation, flexible energy storage, mobile assembly and whole-house intelligence, perfectly fits the current trend of global energy transition and low-carbon development. Members of the media delegation understood in detail the functions and technical advantages of the Zero Carbon Cabin, experienced its convenience and comfort, and inquired carefully about its cost, construction cycle, maintenance and other specific issues. The media delegation unanimously agreed that such an innovative product has a wide range of application scenarios and huge market potential in Kenya.

The visit of the Kenyan media group not only demonstrated the fruitful results of Hunan Province's cooperation with Africa, but also further deepened the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises in Hunan Province and Kenya. As a representative of high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province, HNAC will continue to be committed to promoting green development through scientific and technological innovation, and contributing more strength to China-Africa cooperation.

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