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IProjekthi yesiKhululo soMbane

Hydropower Station is the key industries of HNAC engineering contracting, we can provide EPC, F+EPC, I+EPC, PPP+EPC etc international project, including designing and building hydropower plants, dams, installing water turbine generator, commissioning the hydropower station and technicial training to the operation person etc.

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Conventional hydroelectricit
Run of the river hydroelectricity
Adjust pool hydropower
Tidal power generation
Pumped-storage hydroelectricity
Pumped storage power plants
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Hydrological environment monitoring
Drinking water utilities
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Industrial water system, etc
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  • 1. 乌兹别克斯坦3座水电改造项目 副本
    Uzbekistan Hydropower Station Reconstruction EPC Contracting Project

    The project includes the renovation project of Tashkent 1 Station, Chirchik 10 Station, and Samarkand 2B Station in Uzbekistan. The employer is Uzbekistan hydropower Company. The purpose of the transformation is to expand and upgrade the automation of the three hyrdropower stations. HNAC Technology's three hydropower station upgrade projects provide services such as equipment supply, installation, commissioning and testing, transportation, design and civil engineering management consulting.

    The Central Africa Boali 2 Hydropower Station EPC Contracting Project

    The Central African Boali 2 Hydropower Station has a total installed capacity of 20MW, which is invested and constructed by the China-Africa Energy Corporation. It is the main project of the Central African Republic's national power supply system. It will assume more than 30% of the country's power supply share after completion. The project includes the restoration of the old Boali No. 2 power station, expansion of the plant, and the addition of two turbine-generator units.

  • IMG_20210202_165108
    Zambia Kasanjiku Mini Hydropower Station EPC Contracting Project

    Zambia Kasanjiku Mini Hydropower Station is invested by Zambia Rural Electrification Authority and located at Kasanjiku Falls on Kasanjiku River in Mwinilunga District of North -Western Province of Zambia, with a design head of 12.4m, design water flow of 6.2m³/s, and installed capacity of 640kW. HNAC undertakes the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and technical training for the project.
    The project was put in operation in December, 2020.

  • 4. 萨摩亚Taleafaga水电站项目-2
    Samoa Taleafaga Hydropower Station Project

    The Samoa Taelefaga Hydropower Station is invested and constructed by Samoa Electric Power Company, and HNAC Technology company is the EPC general contractor. This project is the first hydropower station project implemented by a Chinese company in Samoa. It will completely solve the electricity demand of the villagers in Taelefaga area after the project is completed.
    The project was put in operation in August, 2019.

  • 5.巴基斯坦FHPP3-4水电站-1
    Foundation Hydel Power Plant (FHPP) 3/4

    The project is invested by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation.
    Design head: 13m; Design flow: 46m3 /s
    Installed capacity: 2*2.5MW (vertical Axial-flow turbine)
    HNAC is responsible for the EPC general contacting and civil engineering design of the project. The No. 1 Unit was put into operation on 4 October, 2016. The No. 2 Unit was commissioned in July, 2017.

  • 6. 缅甸亚沙角水电站 副本
    YAZAGYO Hydropower Plant Project

    The project is Located in north of Kalay District, Sagaing Division of Myanmar
    The rated head: 33.6m
    The installed capacity: 2*2MW (horizontal Axial-flow turbine)
    The project was put in operation in March, 2016.

  • 7. 越南哈松发1级和2级水电站 副本
    Ha Song Pha 1 Hydropower Project

    Located in Ninh Son District, Ninh Thuan, southeast of Vietnam
    Design head: 22m; Design flow: 14m3 /s
    Installed capacity: 2*2.7MW (vertical Francis turbine)
    The project was put in operation in November 2013.
    Ha Song Pha 2 Hydropower Project
    Located in upstream of Ha Song Pha 1
    Design head: 20.8m; Design flow: 14.5m3 /s
    Installed capacity: 2*2.5MW (vertical Francis turbine)
    The project was put in operation in July, 2015.

  • 8. 智利罗比莱亚水电站 副本
    ROBLERIA Hydropower Project

    ROBLERIA Hydropower Project is located in Linares, 350km away from Santiago, Chile. Its design head is 128m and design flow is 3.6 m3 /s with installed capacity of 1*4MW (horizontal Francis turbine).
    HNAC self-developed full automatic supervisory control system is applied together with fiber-optic communication to realize the supervision and control on substation 20km away from the plant.
    The project was put in operation in February 2013.


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