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Mobile Lighting Tower
Mobile Lighting Tower
Mobile Lighting Tower
Mobile Lighting Tower
Mobile Lighting Tower
Mobile Lighting Tower

Mobile Lighting Tower

The mobile lighting tower is equipped with Kubota engine imported from Japan and Meccalte alternator imported from Italy, with safe and reliable performance, providing stable power for lighting, which is a lighting device consist of genset, light, mast, trailer and canopy, that mainly used in all kinds of large-scale construction operations, mining operations, rescue and relief and other outdoor work places that need high brightness lighting.

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The product features for the mobile lighting tower:

1. It can be equipped with traditional metal halide lamp or energy-saving LED lamp. Manual, electric, hydraulic adjustment can be used to achieve 360 degrees lighting;

2. The mast is divided into horizontal and vertical two kinds, with manual, electric and hydraulic lifting and extension ways, the maximum extension height can reach 9 meters;

3. The galvanized mast and powder coated canopy can be used in the outdoor environment for a long time;

4. The trailer uses leaf spring suspension system, simple structure, good shock absorption, safe and reliable. For short distance transport can use the tractor assistance or direct movement, convenient, fast and efficient;

5. 4 individual supporting legs can support the light tower stably and reliably, even on rough ground, and enhance the stability of the lighting tower in strong wind environment;

6. The control system is simple and intuitive and each lamp is equipped with a separate switch, safe and convenient operation;

7. 1 power output socket, and can be selected according to customer requirements with Australian standard, American standard, European standard and other standards

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