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Awọn akọsilẹ Idagbasoke Iṣowo Itọju HNAC ati Itọju: Ile-iṣẹ Imudara Itanna Ilu Beijiao, Itanna ati Iṣẹ Itọju Eto DC

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Relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain, a strong technical platform, a professional operation and maintenance team, a mature management system and scientific operation and maintenance methods, HNAC has provided water conservancy, hydropower, transformation and distribution, power distribution networks, environmental protection water treatment, and new energy. Users in other fields provide equipment operation, maintenance and overhaul services to help you solve problems such as personnel, management, technology, and benefits. HNAC was awarded the "Leading Manufacturer of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance in China" in June 2021.


In order to serve customers better, HNAC faces the diversified needs of energy production and energy consumption, and using information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, a multi-energy IoT data center has been built to achieve the deep integration of energy flow and information flow. At present, the data center has been connected to hundreds of sites to escort the safe and efficient operation of user plants.


In 2018, the company undertook the electrical, excitation and DC system maintenance projects of 13 pumping stations in Beijiao Town. With a sound maintenance and maintenance management system and the good professional quality of on-site operation and maintenance personnel, the company uses superb technology to develop electrical, excitation and DC systems, etc. The equipment is regularly inspected and maintained . At the same time, it is on emergency duty for heavy rains and floods to achieve rapid response to emergencies and ensure the safe and stable operation of 13 pumping stations. For this reason, the employer gave us a high degree of recognition and praise. After the contract expired, he won the first place in the bidding and renewed the maintenance contract for the electrical, excitation and DC system of 19 pumping stations in Beijiao Town.

Project scale

From 2018 to 2020, the operation and maintenance project includes the power distribution room equipment of 13 pumping stations, the number of which is 23 transformers, 75 high-voltage cabinets, 54 low-voltage cabinets, 16 capacitor cabinets, 29 excitation devices and DC screens;
From 2021 to 2023, the operation and maintenance project will be increased to 21 gate stations and power distribution room equipment in the water conservancy building, the number of which is 31 transformers, 92 high-voltage cabinets, 80 low-voltage cabinets, 22 capacitor cabinets, and 30 excitation devices and DC screen.

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Awọn iṣẹ-ṣiṣe

The current maintenance team consists of 9 people, including 1 project leader with a middle-level title of electromechanical or electrical, and 8 maintenance personnel with a special operation certificate (electrician).



The Maintenance Team Regularly Reports the Condition of the Equipment

Akoonu Iṣẹ

●Regularly conduct equipment inspection, maintenance, overhaul and preventive tests.

●Emergency duty and emergency response to emergencies.

●Technical support such as equipment modification and technical training of on-duty personnel.

●Intelligent management and control of equipment health status.


Maintenance Team for equipment maintenance

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