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Substation Project

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Substation Project

Substation Project

We do transformer substation EPC engineering project, provide transformers, switch gear, vacuum circuit, shockproof equipment etc. We also do the equipments installation, debugging and technical training to the operators.
We can design and build the switch station, series compensation station, transmission line; provide service of outdoor circuit breaker and switchgear installation and debugging.   

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  • 1. 金驰能源材料有限公司110kV变电站EPC总承包 副本
    110kV Substation EPC Contracting Project for Jinchi Energy and Material Co., Ltd.

    The capacity of this project is 1×40 MVA +1×31.5MVA. HNAC provides the project with design, equipment production, installation and commissioning services and fulfills the one-time power transmission for the project within 6 months.

  • d5ab346746deb94d004ca648b8ab05c 副本
    90kV/10 kV Substation of SOMETA, Senegal

    The 90kV/10kV substation of SOMETA is located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The substation needs to complete two 90kV incoming lines, 6 outgoing lines for the 10kV , and the installation and commissioning of an 8 MVA main transformer equipment.

  • 手机型号去掉-3. 青海湘和有色金属有限责任公司整体技术升级改造110kV变电站项目 副本
    Overall Technical Upgrade and Transformation 110kV Substation Project

    This project is the 110kV substation construction project for Qinghai Xianghe Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.'s overall upgrade and transformation, the harmless treatment of zinc smelting tailings and comprehensive recovery of valuable metals. HNAC provides the primary and secondary design, protection, measurement and control of the entire station, system supply and product installation and commissioning, the project was successfully put into operation after completing the transformation and construction of the entire station within 3 months.

  • 4. 瓮安龙马磷业110kV变电站项目 副本
    Weng'an Longma Phosphorus Industry 110kV Substation Project

    This project is a 110kV substation construction project for the comprehensive utilization of yellow phosphorus tail gas of Longma Phosphorus Industry Co., Ltd. HNAC provides the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the newly-added interval computer monitoring system and protection measurement and control system on this site. The project successfully put into operation and delivery of electricity after three-month renovation and construction.


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