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Products Supplier

Our automation solutions business enables the greatest use of the world's most valuable resources, ensuring the performance and safety of industries that are the backbone of daily life.

Engineering Contractor

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Engineering Contractor

HNAC now is a reliable project contractor for the Hydropower Statio, Energy Storage, Environmental Protection, Pump Station and Power Transmission and Transformation.

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  • Intelligent Energy

    Relying on years of power technology and market advantages, and with the cooperation of the strategic partners, HNAC is committed to providing a complete system integration solution customized to its users. HNAC distributes the energy storage market in the form of industrial chain, providing one-stop service of consulting, design, research and development, production, construction and operation and maintenance.

  • I-eco Battery

    HNAC can supply the energy storage products that are included optical storage integrated machine, energy storage converter and box type energy storage.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    HANC has nearly 30 years of project implementation experience, with comprehensive service capabilities such as survey and design, equipment manufacturing, engineering implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance, and investment and financing.

  • Wisdom of Water Conservancy

    Hydropower Station is the key industries of HNAC engineering contracting, we can provide EPC, F+EPC, I+EPC, PPP+EPC etc international project, including designing and building hydropower plants, dams, installing water turbine generator, commissioning the hydropower station and technicial training to the operation person etc.

  • AIOps

    AIOps is a the abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, HNAC can provide the professional service for the intelligent operation and maintenance, which is applied to hydropower station, water conservancy, environmental water treatment, power distribution network, power transformation and distribution,new energy and other fields.


About Us

HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. ( Stock Code: 300490) is a large listed group company that provides overall solutions for water conservancy, electric power, environmental protection &water treatment, and industrial control etc. HNAC have 6 bases in Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan and Shenzhen city, China, which have overseas branches and offices in Central African Republic, Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Zambia.


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